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As Sweet as Your Love: Marshmallows at Your Wedding!

My second favorite thing about weddings is the DESSERT table (my first favorite thing is the LOVE, of course!). And I’m obsessed with couples making their dessert tables as unique as they are - a true reflection of their love and personalities. Don’t get me wrong, I love cake, but I also love living in a world where we’re not limited to what’s expected. Obviously, as The Marshmallow Girl, I’m all about wedding marshmallows. Whether it’s through whimsical wedding favors or DIY s’mores tables, here’s some ideas for how you can incorporate magical marshmallows into your big day.
Ways to Have Marshmallows At Your Wedding:
DIY S’mores Tables: Pure fun for everyone involved. You know those moments at weddings where you’re not really sure what you’re meant to be doing? How about during that time you… make a s’more! Interactive, entertaining, memorable, and delicious. (Psst… this is our most popular wedding package!)
Hot Cocoa Tables: A cherry on top of those dreamy fall & winter weddings. We also love popping marshmallows in coffee (we use them wherever you’d use cream & sugar!), so don’t limit your imagination here.
Wedding Favors: We’re all about gratitude and appreciation over here, so unsurprisingly, we’re very into wedding favors. We swoon at the thought of surprise and delight on your guests' faces when they realize you chose gourmet marshmallows as your way of saying “thank you.”
Signature Cocktails: I mean… come on. There’s the obvious addition to boozy hot cocoas and Irish Coffees, but one of my favorite drinks of all time was a pina colada with a toasted marshmallow on top (shout out to Hojoko in Boston). A Cinnamon Sugar marshmallow with an Old Fashioned? A Smoked Hickory Caramel marshmallow over Scotch? The sweet (& boozy) world is yours to explore.
Are Wedding Marshmallows Right for You?
Hey, you know best. If you identify as a sweet, non-traditional couple who loves whimsy, wonder & surprise; if you value flavor & culinary expertise; or if you’re just a fellow Marshmallow Person, our handcrafted, boldly-flavored, pillowy as heck marshmallows might be an awesome fit for your wedding! Fluffy, flavorful, and unexpected, our gourmet marshmallows can just as easily skew sophisticated for your black-tie evening, or bring an element of interactive fun to a more outdoorsy event. Whether you’re wearing high heels or hiking boots to your wedding, we’ve got a marshmallow for you.
Get in touch to discuss adding gourmet marshmallow magic to your big day!

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