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hi! i'm the marshmallow girl
marshmallow girl with bangs, glasses, and long brown hair stands smiling in her kitchen

before i was "the marshmallow girl"
people called me alexx!

i'm a classically-trained pastry chef, a former marshmallow kid, a vermonter & the founder of the vermont marshmallow company: a rotating collection of handcrafted, boldly flavored, pillowy as heck marshmallows.

it means the world to have you here ♥

i like to say we're in the business of surprise

my small, mighty, dedicated, team of 4 seasoned restaurant professionals and i are making marshmallows the most interesting & delicious things in the world.

these are not just another marshmallow - they're a full dessert in a single, pillowy as heck bite.

we know flavor. we know texture. our bar for releasing a new recipe is "the wow test."

how to pass the test? a new recipe must stop us in our tracks, pull us out of space & time, creating that moment of instinctual pause & appreciation for the magic of the present moment

high bar? yep. so long as we're creating moments like that for you, we wouldn't have it any other way.

marshmallow girl smiling by fireplace with cup of hot cocoa
marshmallow girl stick with marshmallow

handcrafted (lovingly, in vermont, of course)

as they should be, right?! we make our magical marshmallows in small batches (20 bags at a time). i see it as one of my primary responsibilities to ensure a throughline of joy from the moment we develop the recipe, to the moment you pop a marshmallow out of the bag. i truly believe you can taste the difference when your food is made by happy, healthy, thriving hands.

marshmallow girl stick with marshmallow below

pillowy. as. heck.

handcrafted marshmallows are a completely different beast from the mass produced stuff. like, so different that a huge portion of our customer base didn't identify as "marshmallow people" before trying ours, and now they're regulars! if you're into marshmallows already, you're gonna LOVE 'em. if you're not into marshmallows already... well, get ready to be.

marshmallow girl stick with marshmallow black and white

boldly flavored

we are a team of trained chefs funneling everything we know about flavor and texture into the sweet, humble marshmallow. our recipes go through a rigorous research & development stage, which involves having our robust community of fellow chefs give us feedback until the recipes pass the "wow test."

marshmallow girl smiling after blowing powdered sugar into the air in her kitchen

it's a vermont thing

though we ship nationwide and sell to stores outside of our brave little state, this is, first & foremost, a vermont company.

finding creative ways to draw people to support my nuanced & robust community is central to VMC's soul. sourcing from vermont directly, providing mentorship to new entrepreneurs, taking REALLY good care of my team & helping to make vermont a place that’s creativity-and-intrigue-per-capita is off the charts, are all cornerstones of this soul-centered business.

marshmallow girl with bangs and glasses licks whisk covered in marshmallow
marshmallow girl with bangs and glasses smiling holding whisk covered in marshmallow
marshmallow girl licks marshmallow off her finger

let's talk s'more!

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