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sweet, sweet collaboration!
yep, we wholesale our magical marshmallows! we love, love, love partnering with aligned brick & mortars, online shops, cafes/restaurants and more.

our commitment to redefining the marshmallow has led to partnerships with hundreds of like-minded retail outlets. whether you've got a cozy local boutique, a gourmet food shop, or a local co-op, our gourmet marshmallows move quickly off of shelves and create loyal customers left & right (we have a 75% repeat customer rate!).

bring of a little sweetness and joy to your customers lives with the vermont marshmallow company! 

It’s a “Wow”
i could tell you all day long why our marshmallows rule, but i own the dang company (hi, it's me, the marshmallow girl!), i admit wholeheartedly that I’m biased. so take it from the many, many customers who also think we have the best marshmallows around!