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all your roastiest, toastiest questions... answered!

Where is my favorite flavor?

Our core collection is always available - Toasty Vanilla, Dulce de Leche, and Cinnamon Sugar. The rest of our flavors rotate! Here's an idea of what to expect when!

January & February: Passionfruit Coconut & Strawberry Rose
March & April:  Lemon Poppyseed & Key Lime Pie
May & June: Toasted Coconut & Toasted Marshmallow
July & August: Blueberry Lemon Thyme & Coffee Cardamom 
September & October: Spiced Pumpkin & Maple Chai
November & December: Gingerbread, Buttered Rum, Peppermint

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What are the ingredients?

All the ingredients are listed at the bottom of the product pages! We handcraft every marshmallow and every addition - you won’t find any artificial flavorings or shortcuts in this kitchen! Our Dulce de Leche caramel is slow roasted for 3.5 hours, the blueberries in our Blueberry Lemon Thyme are handpicked local blueberries that we cook down into super-concentrated jam, we mix and grind our own spices for our Maple Chai, and the list goes on!

How should I store them?

They're best within 2-4 months depending on the flavor. They're happiest when cool, dry, and air-tight. I keep mine in the pantry, but if you've got a hot house, you might want to keep them in the fridge or freezer! They come back to room temperature super quickly, and unfreeze like you bought 'em yesterday. We LOVE seeing our customers' freezer stashes - this is also a great way to make your favorite seasonal flavors last allllll year round!

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Are they gluten free?

Yup! Everything we make will always be 100% gluten free (including our kitchen!). The deal is: I'm a clasically trained pastry chef who's NOT gluten free. In order for us to release ANYTHING, it must be "gluten free but you'd never know it." All of our non-GF customers have no idea this is the case. Hehe. Our little secret!

Are they vegan/vegetarian?

Womp, no. The marshmallows contain gelatin, and designing a gelatin-free marshmallow has been my white whale for years. I'm working on it, and hope to blow everyones minds with a vegan marshmallow real soon! (For anyone visiting us at our Farmers Markets: our Mallow Choco Tacos are vegetarian!!)

Are they nut free?  

Mostly! Check the ingredients if you're wondering about specific flavors. Our facility is not nut-free, but we're trained in food allergies and highly conscious of cross-contamination. We leave the final discretion up to you!

handcrafted marshmallows with peanuts on a wooden board
hand squishing a s'more with handcrafted marshmallows on marble table

Do they toast? 

Oh heck yes. I describe it like creme brulee - the outside gets shattery, the inside gets custardy, the flavors come alive - it's magic. They do roast a bit faster than the store-bought stuff, but if you want to slow down the experience, just keep them out of the bag for 30-60 minutes before roasting time! I also recommend skewers on the thicker side, two-pronged toasters, or even a fork!

P.S. Our gourmet marshmallows, handcrafted in small batches, are the perfect accompaniment to a steaming cup of hot chocolate, transforming a simple treat into a luxurious experience.

They melted during shipping! What do I do?

We offer "Summertime Shipping" from April-August to protect against this, and unfortunately if you don't select it at checkout, we can't be responsible for melted product. If you select "Summertime Shipping" and the marshmallows still don't make it, then we'll offer a refund and/or another shipment to replace them!

If they're not total soup and just a little soft/sticky, I recommend popping them in the fridge for a bit to firm the back up, and then tossing them in powdered sugar to restore them to their former, non-sticky glory!

handcrafted marshmallows being dusted with powdered sugar
handcrafted marshmallows on black background with powdered sugar

Can I order in bulk for corporate gifts?

Oh definitely. We've brought sweetness to folks at Prada, Adobe, Vertex, the University of Vermont, American Flatbread, and many more! Submit a Marshmallow Gifts request here.

Can I order for my wedding?

Eeeee! We'd love, love, love to be part of the magic on the big day! We have numerous party favor options, as well as bulk options for DIY s'mores tables. Get all the deets and submit a Wedding Favors request here.

Are you in stores?

You bet we are! And we're adding new stockists every day. Check out the full list of stores on where to buy marshmallows here! Don't see the store you want? Shoot us a note and we'll add it to our pitch list, or even better, REQUEST us at the store! :)

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