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Dealing with Jerks

My favorite rude moment of all time had a TWIST.

“OMG! I remember you from the Made in Vermont Marketplace in 2019!”

“Wow omg! That was my first event ever! That means so much!”

Twist: “I felt so BAD for you. Your table was awful and no one was buying anything.”

I was so taken aback. Why? What in the world is the point of sharing this with me?

This was also the first negative encounter where I realized I was so deeply confident in the thing I was creating, that though I was shocked, it didn’t find its way into my psyche. I didn’t wobble, or wonder if maybe she was right. I simply paused and said, “gotta start somewhere! That was actually an amazing day for me and ended up being the reason I decided to become a full time entrepreneur. Have a great rest of the market!”

I notice these comments coming my way less and less as I bolster my unfuckwithable (without hardening!) energy, and it’s usually on the days that I’m feeling fuckwithable that the comments show up.

I train my team: people will be dicks sometimes. It’ll maybe be one comment every couple weeks, but it’ll come. That’s about them, not you. Can you imagine having the audacity to say something shitty/belittle/talk down to a MARSHMALLOW vendor on a Saturday morning at an idyllic farmers market? Those who don’t lift us up are not our people. As they walk away, let their words leave with them. This is a skill, it takes time to cultivate. But I promise it’s cultivatable.

This is applicable beyond business. Obviously. It has served me throughout my whole dang life.

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  • We walk with our head heald high. Knowing we did it. Proudly. The words are just that words. Let them l
    Slide and know you build this gorgeous business on hard work and that’s a thing of beauty.

    Emily joy

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