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Gluten-Free (But You’d Never Know It!): Gourmet Marshmallows

Are marshmallows gluten free? Yup! At least, all of ours are. Everything we make will always be 100% gluten free (including our kitchen!). The deal is: I'm a classically trained pastry chef who's NOT gluten free. In order for us to release ANYTHING, it must be "gluten free but you'd never know it." 

All of our non-GF customers have no idea this is the case. Hehe. Our little secret! ;)

Courtesy: Owl Iris Photography


Are All Marshmallows Gluten Free?

Anyone who’s sensitive to gluten knows this - you just gotta check the label. While most mass-produced marshmallows are gluten free, many facilities are not and there’s a chance for cross contamination.

When it comes to gourmet, handcrafted marshmallow companies, the answer may be the same. When we moved to our own kitchen in 2023, I made the decision to have our kitchen be a fully gluten free space. This is for a few reasons:

  1. When I started the business, I noticed just how many folks with celiac & gluten sensitivities were STARVED for indulgent, delicious dessert options. The looks on these folks’ faces when they tried our stuff? Gosh, what a gift to us both.
  2. I’ve become really, really confident that we can make anything we want to make gluten-free-but-you’d-never-know-it. Strangely, during recipe testing, we’ve found that oftentimes our gluten-free versions are even better! Trust me, as a team of non-GF people, we’re all shocked. 

We’ll be looking into getting our Gluten Free Certification in 2024!

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