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Loving Your Business When Everything Sucks

I’ve talked a lot about a lotta things re: entrepreneurship. Redefining success to be a fluid & ongoing thing instead of a single distant point in time, throwing away blueprints of how things are “supposed” to be, prioritizing harmony & joy, shifting mindsets so that when the tough moments do come we can receive them with grace, expecting the hard stuff so we’re not so thrown off our spot when it shows up, using frustration as a roadmap back towards ease… all that is still true and integral to how I run this business. AND…

We can be equipped with allllll that and still acknowledge that this shit can be really hard! We can love the macro of the thing while getting fed up/utterly rocked by the micro.

I had more breakdowns in the first half of 2022 than I’d had since the first year starting this thing. Business is great, we’re growing, profitable, able to maintain a culture in line with our values. On the flip side have been rising costs, supply chain shortages, personal losses, learning how to be a business owner in real time (The Real Neverending Story)… behind the scenes felt like winter stretched on and on.

Entrepreneurship is forever accepting the season we’re in and remembering no season last forever. An endless any-season would get tired after a while, anyway. It’s realizing that if we were “doing our best” 100% of the time, it wouldn’t be our best, it would be our norm. Allow 70-80% most days to be a big win, and allow 0% days to be honored as a springboard back up. Keep that magical macro of it all in sight when the micro feels frustrating. Allow frustration to become a compass towards smoother seas.

Grateful to you - my community - for your support and enthusiasm. I’ve def felt out of touch with ya for much of this year. Hope to get back to these wax-philosophical shares soon, as they’ve always made me feel close to ya, which is super nourishing.

Grateful to my team - who holds it down like nobody’s business, is flexible when things get unpredictable, and is the only reason I’m able to be on vacation (/a much needed energetic reset) right now. The appreciation here really has no cap.

Grateful to all who’ve held me all year long. ♥️

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