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On starting a business…⁠

There’s a magic that comes with living non-linearly, when you’re living in alignment. ⁠

WTF does “alignment” mean? My answer is: It’s whatever is true for you right. this. very. now. It exists independently of “shoulds,” independently of expectations, of past and future, of what you thought your life would look like, what your parents pictured for you, or even what seems to make sense. ⁠

For me, it meant turning down a cozy Boston marketing job, with benefits, a clear career trajectory, and a swoony salary – to go all in on starting a frickin’ marshmallow company. It meant quitting my part-time job sooner than anyone thought was smart, moving in with family at 29 despite all the pushback from my pride & ego, intentionally punching above my weight, and near-constant reframing of my mindset and my beliefs about what’s possible. ⁠

Two big takeaways here, for anyone thinking of starting a business (or any big life change): get in tune with what’s true for you and then go. all. in. Operate from the place where intuition meets structure. Zero in on your truest impulse and build systems to nurture its thriving. Claim it. Show up for it wholeheartedly, with presence, attention, and in ways you feel proud of.⁠

Before making any decision, all potentialities feel equally as “right” as they do “wrong.” Living in imagined futures is paralyzing and so often we end up floating somewhere in between, in non-committed commitments. But once you CHOOSE, and do so wholeheartedly, from a place of love, and alignment, and Your Baby-Oh-So-Unique Truth, life rearranges around your resolve, revealing a new future you didn’t even know possible. The flourishing of your wholehearted commitment knows no bounds. ⁠

Don’t worry if it feels impossible – it won’t soon.⁠

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