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"Rise and Grind." Lol, no.

"You gotta rise & grind to be successful."

Yeah, no. I remember, once upon a time, thinking “business” & “entrepreneurship” wasn’t for me, because all I’d been exposed to was “rise & grind” entrepreneurship, “wake up at 5am to get ahead of the competition” entrepreneurship, and cutthroat/scarcity business cultures. Lol. Gross-o.

Am I a high achiever? Sure. Do I have big goals and bigger dreams? Totes. But outer success is not worth sacrificing my inner peace. For me, they MUST coexist. I refuse for these to be in opposition. And in my experience, the latter feeds the former in ways I never could’ve imagined.

In other words, the more I prioritize my peace & harmony, the more I see results.

Ultimately, I’m all about doing shit that works, I’m all about efficiency, and for me, harmony works best. I’m a better problem solver, listener, delegator, visionary, creative, leader, community member, friend, partner, business owner, entrepreneur, when I’m operating from ease.

Napping in the middle of the day, structuring my week around time off (2-3 days, consistently), creating structures to support even longer stretches of time off than that (I was taking month-long vacations in year two of my business, without compromising growth), are all key parts of how I run my business.

Here’s the thing: I believe working hard is important. I don’t believe sitting around expecting my circumstances to improve without effort is an option.

But hours worked does not equal output produced. Time put in does not equal quality put out.

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