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Surrender & Detachment

I just wrapped up a 9-day behemoth of an event: The Big E. Out of state, 11 hours a day. Prepping for it was like prepping for the unknown - with advice ranging from "plan for a good market day every day!" to vendors energetically shaking me by the shoulders saying "there's no amount of product that's enough, man! Don't you understand?! There's never enough!"

By the time the event started, I was already overtired, stressed, and gripping tightly to a very specific vision of what the week would be. The last point, in particular, was causing me STRIFE.

The event started off slow. WTF. This was supposed to be a blow out. I put in all this f’ing work and prep and effort and it’s going to be slower than a f’ing farmers market? This has to be a joke. Energy like that.

But the sheer process of working & of sharing my craft, my business baby, the thing I believe so deeply in, shook me out of all those ways of being. Within the first 6 hours of the day, I chose the joy of all that instead. I chose surrender. I chose detachment (NOT not caring, but releasing the desperate need for things to look only one way). I chose: I am here, I’ve done all I can, whatever this will be, it will be, and I am excited to see where I’m right, where I’m wrong, and where I’m surprised.

Once I chose that, it all became so fun and so easy. I wish I could tell the frantic Alexx 24 hours before the event started: your body will adjust amazingly. You will sleep 8-9 hours a night, eat well, and still make time to exercise. You will have this behemoth on lock by day 3 and it’ll unfold amazingly easily from there. You’ll create bonding and memories with many of the most important people in your life, and even brand new people you haven’t even met yet. This commitment unfolds easier and better than you can even imagine. You’ll blow farmers market records out of the water.

You'll be written up by a major news outlet as the number one thing at the event, out of thousands of options, to try.

But hey, she found out on her own, eventually ♥️

What a blessing it is, to set yourself up for success, and then let go.

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