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"Thank you, me!" On Being Your Own Boss

The other day I was at UPS dropping a bunch of wholesale orders off when the woman behind the counter said, "I really hope your boss knows how much you do."

I laughed, "well, I'm my boss... but I needed this validation today!"

It wasn’t til this exchange that I realized… if you’re working for someone else, and they’re a decent person, you’re going to be acknowledged and appreciated for a job well done, or a tough stretch where you continued to show up even when it was hard. But when you’re your own boss that space for positive feedback tends to go *poof*

I do an alright job of overall acknowledgement of myself, but I’m going to start implementing “hey, you did great work today, thank you for your time and effort!” into the ends of my day, the same way I do for my team.

Did I just learn that we all get to extend our gratitude practices get to *ourselves* too?! Gee golly, for all our sakes, I hope I’m late to this party 😂♥️

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