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OH MY GOSH, WE REBRANDED. Nomadic Kitchen is now The Vermont Marshmallow Co.

Maybe it's obvious, but maybe you're wondering "WHY!?" If you're in the latter group, read on!

If you’ve noticed I’ve been a little quieter on social media in the past 6 months, it’s because I’ve been ~*doing too much*~ in the very best way. As we were building out and making the move to our new kitchen, I was confronted over and over with the question of, “who are we?” Who are we if our hours aren’t restricted? Who are we if our space isn’t restricted? Who are we if we’re not… heck… Nomadic? 

CUE: panic, existential crisis, identity woes, and then… peace. The truth is, this name change came easily because… this is who we’ve been for a while now. We’re Vermont’s first & only marshmallow confectionery. We’ve been The Vermont Marshmallow Co.  We’re ready to claim that and embody who we truly are. (We also hope this makes it a lot easier for your friends to find our tent at the farmers market, hehe). 

When I first started this business, I felt like I needed room for it to become anything. What if nobody cares about marshmallows like I do? (You do! <3) What if I change my mind? (Spoiler: I didn’t!) Will I even be a decent entrepreneur? (I am!)

Nomadic Kitchen was about me. But this magical, marshmallowy venture is so much bigger than me now.

Nomadic Kitchen was the business I started alone, The Vermont Marshmallow Co. is the business we built together.

Vermont Marshmallow Co. is about us. Me, you, my magical marshmallow team, the community we’ve grown in, and the people who are gonna learn about us now that our name actually makes sense (hehehe!).

Everything’s the same, except the name. You’ll start seeing our new logo, new labels, and an upgrade to our market setup right off the bat. You’ll see us in more stores. You’ll see us expressing more creativity. You’ll see some brand new packaging (ziploc, anyone?) soon but not yet. 

Otherwise, it’s still me, Mandy, Katelyn, Charlie, and Thea, makin’ & shippin’ everything by hand, just a little faster than we used to thanks to our new burners (lovingly named The Beastie Boys) and new mixers (our resident R2D2s). 

It’s still us, we’re just stepping boldly into the next phase of this thing that wouldn’t exist if you didn’t care about it. The only reason we get to think and move at this scale is because you see the magic in our marshmallows.

Thank you for caring enough about this sweet business that we get to make such big moves. It means the world to have you on this adventure with me.


  • Be on the lookout for new and exciting ways to use our marshmallows soon!

  • I’d love if you could suggest recipes for the use of your marshmallows. We do s’mores and hot cocoa. What are some other ideas that could expand their use?

    Barbara Fueredi

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