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one of everything! (summer flavors)

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when you simply can't choose... don't!

Includes one bag of every marshmallow flavor currently available at a discounted rate: Toasty Vanilla, Dulce de Leche, Cinnamon Sugar, Smoked Hickory Caramel, and Fluffernutter.

Size: 5 bags of 10 handcut ~1.25x1.25" marshmallows

Toasty Vanilla: Extra floofy and with an unexpected warmth from toasted sugar that makes these vanilla marshmallows anything but "vanilla." (sugar, cane sugar syrup, light corn syrup, gelatin, vanilla, salt)

Dulce de Leche: Sweet (but not too sweet!) and swirled with golden caramel. the dulce de leche, or "milk jam," is slow-cooked for hours, taking on a complex caramel flavor. (sugar, cane sugar syrup, light corn syrup, sweetened condensed milk (DAIRY), gelatin, vanilla, salt)

Cinnamon Sugar: Originally a seasonal flavor, but you demanded it become available year round! Ask and you shall receive. (sugar, cane sugar syrup, light corn syrup, gelatin, cinnamon, vanilla, salt)

Smoked Hickory Caramel: tasting like they've already been sitting over a campfire, these swirled mallows hit you in three waves: smooth vanilla, luscious caramel, and sharp smoke. (sugar, cane sugar syrup, light corn syrup, gelatin, sweetened condensed milk (DAIRY), hickory smoke, vanilla, salt)

Floofer Nutter: if you're from New England, you already know. If you're not, let me let you in on a little secret: while you were eating peanut butter & jelly, we were eating peanut butter and FLUFF. This is like a bit of the iconic childhood sandwich, a match made in utter heaven. (sugar, cane sugar syrup, light corn syrup, gelatin, natural peanut butter (roasted peanuts, salt), vanilla, salt)

Storage: Cool, dark, and dry! Sunlight, air, and heat are the enemies of the marshmallows. In a pantry they're best within 3-4 months, in a fridge or freezer, up to a year (just let them come back to room temperature before enjoying for maximum floofiness!) 

**Note: our corn syrup is 100% fructose free