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the summer seasonal collection vermont marshmallow company

the summer seasonal collection

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Our current seasonal flavors - Floofer Nutter & Smoked Hickory Caramel - bundled together for a discount!

Size: 2 bags of 10 handcut ~1.25x1.25" marshmallows

Smoked Hickory Caramel: tasting like they've already been sitting over a campfire, these swirled mallows hit you in three waves: smooth vanilla, luscious caramel, and sharp smoke. (sugar, cane sugar syrup, light corn syrup, gelatin, sweetened condensed milk (DAIRY), hickory smoke, vanilla, salt)

Floofer Nutter: if you're from New England, you already know. If you're not, let me let you in on a little secret: while you were eating peanut butter & jelly, we were eating peanut butter and FLUFF. This is like a bit of the iconic childhood sandwich, a match made in utter heaven. (sugar, cane sugar syrup, light corn syrup, gelatin, natural peanut butter (roasted peanuts, salt), vanilla, salt)

Storage: Cool, dark, and dry! Sunlight, air, and heat are the enemies of the marshmallows. In a pantry they're best within 3-4 months, in a freezer, up to a year (just let them come back to room temperature before enjoying for maximum floofiness!) 

***Our corn syrup is 100% fructose-free!